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Clean Boot Product Photography 

I was contacted by Darren, Co owner of The Clean Boot ​company to see if I could photograph his new product that he was looking to launch in the market. Darren wanted to photograph his product to develop his website content and to produce a leaflet. At the time Darren wanted to have a stall at the Southampton Boat Show and the images were to be used on the stand that he was having made to advertise the product. I met Darren at a site he was working on in London Hammersmith to photograph his product for the material he wanted the photographs for. 


Darren then wanted to demonstrate how the boots are used within the industry he was promoting. The product was to be marketed towards the construction industry. The idea is that people working in construction could be outside making a their shoes dirty and then need to go inside to a home. The Clean Boot allows them to then slip on the Clean Boot and then walk into the house without making the interior dirty.  As well as the construction industry, Darren then wanted to look to progress in the boat market for boat owners, which is why he was attending the Southampton Boat Show. 

Following the photo shoot in London, Darren invited me to come and take a look at his stall down at the Southampton Boat Show. I was delighted to see he had used the images well on his leaflet and the stall looked great with the images I had provided to him. 

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