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Max & Gemma's Winter Engagement Shoot

Max and Gemma messaged me to see if I would be interested taking their engagement photographs. Max was a childhood friend of mine and someone I have been a close friend with for over 10 years. When he asked I said of course I will but this would be the first engagement shoot I have done. Max and I discussed that the engagement photographs should have a country feel to them, and be "worthy of a country magazine" as Max put it. Max was a big lover of Hadlow Down in East Sussex, haven spent lots of time there. We decided an early morning walk would create the best look to the photos. On a frosty early morning, and I mean early, we went for a walk through the fields of Hadlow Down and then to Wilderness Wood, which is located next to the fields.

When we arrived at Wilderness Wood, Christmas trees and the smell of roasting chestnuts surrounded us. We stopped for breakfast in the very homely cafe, before continuing our walk through the woods. We walked a nice route around the woods, stopping at every photo opportunity spot. The photographs we took represented the happy couples style and lifestyle, a country look for a country life couple that would be “worthy of a country magazine”.

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